Why you probably haven’t heard of our eyeglass designers … (But more importantly, why do we choose to carry them?)

We love the moment someone walks into our office. We are still “new”, having opened our doors in March 2017, so for most people walking into Vista Vision it is their first time. We meet a lot of nice strangers who quickly become our new friends. This is just one beautiful benefit of running a small business. What never gets old though is what we routinely hear, “Wow, your optical is so beautiful!” and “I’ve never seen glasses like this before. The color, the styles, this is definitely different from the other stores I’ve been in.”

And yes, I’d have to agree. We are different than other opticals, especially here in San Antonio. You see, I have carefully and purposely done something different with Vista Vision. I’m not a chain, I’m not TSO, I don’t work for a corporation who dictates what I must sell. My full office name is “Vista Vision Premier Family Eyecare” and the ‘Premier’ says so much about who we are and what we do for our patients. I want you to get what you are paying for: quality, reliability, design, and let’s face it, something that makes you look darn good! (I mean, these glasses are on your face. They are what people see first; yes, even before your new shoes!)

Each of our lines are designed by actual eyewear designers. They don’t design purses, shoes, clothing, or jewelry. Just glasses, period. They are handmade works of art from the highest quality acetates, titaniums, surgical steel, and even wood!!! (Our Feb31st frames are hand-crafted using 13 layers of interwoven wood, custom colored and all!)

Using the finest construction, our frame lines are durable and built to last a lifetime. You know how you currently replace your glasses every year or two because the temples break off or the hinges wear out? Or how about that gross phenomenon of the metal turning green behind your ears and on your nosepads? Or those beautiful colors you started with, now flaking off or fading? Well let me let you in on a little secret … those are all signs of cheap materials and manufacturing. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. Our glasses are built to last, and more importantly, crafted to retain their beauty, color, and aesthetic appeal.

Brand labels are cheaper products mass produced with a “name brand” logo fixed to the temple. Sure, you display that you are the proud owner of “xyz” glasses, but the reality is you overpaid for cheap Chinese plastic that will fall apart sooner than it should for the price you paid. You are paying for a label, not the material, construction, or longevity.

Once you try on our frames you’ll be amazed at what quality feels like and how unique, fun, and pretty eyewear can be. Want to see for yourself? Just come on in! Like I said, we love meeting new friends and love introducing a new world of eyewear to San Antonio.