Is it time to Upgrade your Eye Care?


With 2020 right around the corner perhaps it’s time to evaluate the care you’ve become accustomed to and determine if it’s time to step up the quality of your eye care!

So here we go … the Top 10 signs it’s time to see a new eye doctor:

 1)      You’re not quite sure WHO your eye doctor IS because you only see them for 5 minutes (and it’s in a dark room … so maybe it was or wasn’t your eye doctor??)

2)      And you’re not quite sure WHO your eye doctor IS because you see a different doctor every time you visit the office!

3)      You dread the Air Puff test … 2019 called and there’s a new test in town!

4)      You’ve read every magazine in the waiting room while waiting to be called for your appointment – 60 minutes ago!!!

5)      You’re rushed through a 10 minute exam and not even sure what all transpired?!

6)      So do I need new glasses?

7)      So do I have glaucoma?

8)      And why am I returning again for more tests?

9)      You can’t remember the last time your eyes were dilated … if ever!

10)   And finally … Why did I pick these glasses out? Why didn’t anyone help me find a stylish pair that actually fit and work???

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