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Vista Vision is San Antonio Magazine's "Face of Eyecare & Eyewear" for 2019

Vision is your most dominant sense, so finding great Eye Care should be a top priority!  Dr. Toni Racoma may be just who you should be seeing. She has dedicated 20 years to become the best in her field. She is a Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, with top credentials in the field (Top of class at Johns Hopkins University in Biomedical Engineering, Valedictorian of Optometry School, highest board exam score in the nation, and first selected in a premier residency program). On top of that she is passionate about Eye Health and sets the Gold Standard for patient care. “I get to know my patients and give each of them my complete attention, I want my patients to be confident in the care they receive and to have the best vision possible.” As our city grows and the pace of life increases, it’s great to find local doctors like Toni Racoma who put the patient first. She practices at Vista Vision Premier Family Eyecare and provides all basic eyecare services as well as advanced eyecare for complex vision correction and medical care for the eyes. For personalized eyecare for yourself and those you love, call 210-960-5494 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Toni Racoma.

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