Why we don’t carry “plastic” glasses!

I’ve had a blast creating a hidden gem within San Antonio – an office unlike any other local optical – where we can proudly say we have the BEST when it comes to eyewear! I know that is a bold statement but it is not one announced on a whim. I decided years ago when Vista Vision was in its beginning stages that I would carry through my standard of the highest eyecare into our optical, and so I was lead into the wonderful world of handmade independent frames.

And while the unknowing person may see a “plastic” frame in our optical it is actually a special natural material called cellulose acetate. And not just any cellulose acetate – only the highest quality Italian Mazzucchelli and Japanese acetates line our shelves!

Our cellulose acetate frames possess a feel that is more natural than other plastics due to it consisting of 80% cotton fiber! Acetate frames are lightweight and desirable for their feel, beautiful rich color, luster, and strength. The acetate is made entirely from renewable resources with no toxic biproducts and is completely hypoallergenic. The material longevity of our frames are unrivaled – they hold their shapes but yet can be custom-fit to each patient.

So what are other plastic frames made from? The traditional “plastic” frame is injection molded and cheap to produce. It starts with a petroleum-based material rather than a natural cotton-based material. This cuts costs but translates to lower quality and less aesthetic appeal in the final product. The plastic material is heated and forced into a mold, left to cool, and then removed from the mold. While this is the cheapest method for frame production it has some major downsides: the frames lose shape and break down. Many of you can probably relate with current or past glasses you own - they don't fit like they did on day 1 and the color and 'finish' look like they are breaking down! Another downside is that there are no rich beautiful colors. Many patterns are painted on which then flake and wear off. And finally they just look plain cheap.

In my next blog I will talk about how our acetate frames are hand-crafted. In the meantime, the next time you are in our area stop in and feel the difference yourself! Try on a pair (or two), and I promise you will notice that these are not your typical 'plastic' glasses!