What it takes to make a GREAT pair of glasses …

I hear all too often from patients new to my office that they’ve never enjoyed wearing glasses before. They “just don’t like wearing glasses,” or they “can never find a pair they like,” or “I see better out of my contact lenses.” And yes, I’d have to agree that without a properly fit frame and a well-made pair of prescription lenses that this would be the case for most people out there!

Fortunately great eyewear does exist, but it requires a lot of “things” done correctly to create glasses that are comfortable, vision that is clear and natural, and overall a great wearing experience for the patient.

First thing’s first – an up-to-date and accurate prescription, preferably from a doctor you trust. (We’ve got you covered there!)

Next, we need a proper frame selection. Most people when left on their own will gravitate to a certain frame style that they’ve seen and liked on another person. They have an idea of “what looks good” in their mind and search for that. This ideal frame me even be of a certain color, “I’m looking for a large black square frame.”

The truth however is that some facial shapes and features look best in certain frame shapes and styles. Certainly, the frame should be in proportion to the size of the face. A lot of times patients don’t like wearing glasses because they are always sliding down their nose. This can be avoided with a properly sized frame for the patient PLUS one that fits the bridge of their nose. Let’s face it, when we have an outfit that doesn’t fit well we don’t like wearing it and it rarely comes out of our closet. Glasses are the same, they need to fit comfortably and we want to feel confident that they are not going to fall off our face.

The other key part of a frame being properly sized to a patient is how that lens will be centered for the patient’s eyes. When a frame is too large for a patient the lens design must be decentered for them to see properly and this can create a lot of added distortion and even edge thickness that’s completely unnecessary if a proper fit is achieved in the first place.

At our office we always start the frame selection process by taking some basic measurements and from there we help guide our patients to frames that will fit and will complement their best features. And sure, frame color will be a part of this process, but the fit and style come first!!!

And finally, something rarely considered by patients, is the design (or lack of design) of their prescription lenses. Most offices sell stock lenses, meaning they are pre-fabricated and sitting on a shelf ready to be put into a frame. We want to give our patients the best vision possible. We do this by taking advanced measurements of the frame on our patient, and from there we design a lens that will give the patient the best vision in that particular frame. If the patient chooses a different frame, then the lens would be designed differently again. This truly gives our patients a “Wow!” factor never experienced before in previous glasses. They report that in addition to crystal clear vision, their field of view is also widened. They also don’t have to search for the clear zones, which those of you who currently wear progressive lenses will understand. There is a natural feel to perfectly designed lens whereby you don’t have to search for the clear spots.

All of this may sound too good to be true but it’s actually possible – it’s just knowing that there are better options out there. Next time you’re in our area stop on by. We’re in the Sonterra Village shopping center, the one with Trader Joe’s, on the 1604 access road. If for nothing else come see what a well fit and well-made frame feels like. We enjoy meeting new people and certainly enjoy what we do!